Desktop Apps

Below you'll find a list of all of my macOS apps. Click the details button to open a page with additional details.

All of my apps listed below are still in development which means that they are updated regularly.

Clicking on an app tile will open the details page for it.

Better Battery Status App Icon
Better Battery Status


Better Battery Status shows you all important information about your internal battery.

Disk Master App Icon
Disk Master


Disk Master allows you to display details of all internal and external volumes. They can be displayed in the menu bar.

Disk Speed Monitor App Icon
Disk Speed Monitor


The Disk Speed Monitor displays the read and write speed of your disks in the menu bar.

Drive Capacity Tester App Icon
Drive Capacity Tester


Drive Capacity Tester can verify the manufacturer's specified size of USB sticks and SD cards. Counterfeit storage media can be found quickly.

Ghost Buster Pro App Icon
Ghost Buster Pro


Ghost Buster Pro finds and deletes files from apps you've already uninstalled. The app is lightning fast and frees memory in no time.

GPU Monitor App Icon
GPU Monitor Pro


GPU Monitor Pro displays details about all your graphics cards. Graphics cards from Nvidia, AMD and Apple are supported.

Lovely for Spotify App Icon
Lovely for Spotify


Lovely for Spotify makes it very easy to add songs currently playing on Spotify to your favorites list.

Magic Battery App Icon
Magic Battery


Magic Battery supports all Apple and Logitech Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals. Battery information will be shown in the menu bar.

Magic Battery Mini App Icon
Magic Battery Mini


Magic Battery Mini supports all Apple and Logitech peripherals. Battery information will be shown in a small window.

Magic Remote Finder App Icon
Magic Remote Finder


The Magic Remote Finder lists all devices on your network that you can connect to via Remote Desktop or ssh. You can then connect with just one click.

Magic Disk Benchmark App Icon
Magic Disk Benchmark


The Magic Disk Benchmark measures the performance of your drives. HDD, SSD, PCI-Express, SD-Cards and USB-Sticks are supported.

Magic Disk Cleaner App Icon
Magic Disk Cleaner


Magic Disk Cleaner finds and deletes files temporary files that waste lots of space. The app is lightning fast and frees disk space in no time.

NetWorker Lite App Icon
NetWorker Lite


NetWorker Lite will show the current network speeds in the menu bar. Open the main window for a detailed view of the network speeds.

NetWorker Pro App Icon
NetWorker Pro


NetWorker Pro will display the current network speed and traffic in your menu bar. Traffic details are also available.

Scrobbles for App Icon
Scrobbles for


Scrobbles for displays statistics of your profile and scrobbles tracks playing on Apple Music.

System Dashboard App Icon
System Dashboard


System Dashboard shows the processor, memory, network and disk usages in a small and lightweight window.

System Monitor Panel App Icon
System Monitor Panel


The System Monitor Panel is the best way to monitor your system. The app features a customizable window that shows processor, network, memory and disk loads.

System Toolkit App Icon
System Toolkit


System Toolkit allows you to monitor and clean your system. The app integrates into the menu bar and can display sensor data and fan speeds.

System Watcher App Icon
System Watcher


The System Watcher allows you to monitor the status of your system. Processor, memory, network, gpu and disk based information is displayed.

Velo Center App Icon
Velo Center


Velo Center is a fast app where you can import your bike rides. After the activities are imported, you can analyze them.

Virtual Machines Hub App Icon
Virtual Machines Hub

Developer Tools

Virtual Machines Hub allows you to create multiple virtual machines on your Apple Silicon based system.