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In today's digital age, ensuring your online privacy is more crucial than ever. With every click, search, and website visit, your web browser accumulates a trail of sensitive information, leaving behind a digital footprint that could potentially compromise your privacy. That's where PrivacyCleaner comes in, an innovative macOS app designed to protect your sensitive data by securely deleting browser data from popular web browsers.

Fast Search

Privacy Cleaner Pro quickly scans your computer for data that could contain sensitive information. You can have them deleted with one click. Sensitive information is usually stored in a database that is not encrypted. This database could be shared with anyone. This database may contain sensitive information about your search history, your visited websites and both form and web data.

Supports Most Web Browsers

This app can detect potentially sensitive information on your hard disk left behind by the most common web browsers. This include Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi.

Extremely easy handling

Privacy Cleaner Proo couldn't be simpler. The search is started immediately after the app is started. You can now delete elements with just a couple of clicks.

Network Information

Basic network information such as the local and external IP address or the transfer rate of the WLAN connection is displayed on this panel.

Modern User Interface

This native app is blazing fast and has a snappy user interface.

No automatic deletion

Privacy Cleaner Pro does not delete any data without your consent. Choose for yourself which data is deleted and which you want to keep.


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Lightweight System Monitor.

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