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Remote Desktop Scanner Pro

The Remote Desktop Scanner Pro lists all devices on your network that you can connect to via Remote Desktop or SSH. You can then connect with just one click.

Remote Finder

This app will fetch a list of all devices that allow you to connect to. The device list is updated in the background.

VNC Support

The app allows you to connect to remote devices using Apple Remote Desktop. This is useful if you need to control your remote computer using the mouse cursor.

SSH Support

The app also allows you to connect to a remote device using ssh. This is useful to execute commands in the Terminal.

Menu Bar Integration

The app integrates seamlessly into the menu bar. This means that the app is lightweight and very simple to use.

One Click Connections

You can connect to remote devices with a single mouse click. Simply open the menu bar widget and click on the remote device.


Choose the username and password used to connect to the remote device.

Keychain Integration

All credentials are stored securely in your Keychain.


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List all available Remote Desktop connections.

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