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Battery Monitor Pro

Keep a close eye on your MacBook's battery health and charging status with Battery Monitor Pro - the most comprehensive battery monitoring app for macOS.

Customizable Main Window

You can choose how the data is displayed. The information is either displayed in a grid based layout or in a table. On the top bar you can either display the current charge, the battery health history or the charging cycles history.

Track Battery Health Over Time

Battery Monitor Pro automatically saves snapshots of your battery information at regular intervals, allowing you to monitor how charging cycles and battery health evolve over time.

Seamless Menu Bar Integration

Enjoy the convenience of the customizable menu bar item. Display the battery charge, time remaining, or both - right in your menu bar for quick access.

Intuitive and Lightning-Fast

Built using the latest Apple technologies, Battery Monitor Pro is a native macOS app that combines a sleek design with blazing-fast performance.

Widgets for Instant Insights

Gain quick insights with two widgets for your macOS notification center. View battery health and charging cycles simultaneously - no need to choose!


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