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System Dashboard Pro

The System Dashboard Pro is a remake of the highly popular System Dashboard. The app shows even more details about your system!

App Features

Below you will see some of the key features of the app.

General System Information

et an overview of the most important parameters of your system. This includes, for example, the macOS version used or details about your computer.

Processor Usage

The processor panel shows important details about processor usage. The current load is displayed as well as that of the last few seconds. A list of processes that have the highest processor utilization is also displayed.

Memory Usage

The Memory panel shows data related to memory. The current load is displayed as well as that of the last few seconds. A list of processes using the most memory is also displayed.

Network Information

Basic network information such as the local and external IP address or the transfer rate of the WLAN connection is displayed on this panel.

Network Usage

The network category shows the current download and upload speed and the number of open connections.

Internal Battery

This panel is available if the app is running on a MacBook and displays basic battery parameters. Among others information, it displays the number of charging cycles and the health of the battery.

Hard Disk

The computer's hard drive can be kept under control with this panel. It shows how much space is used and how much is free. The current speed is also displayed.

External Drives

SD cards and USB sticks are displayed here. The devices can also be ejected - either individually or all at once.


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Lightweight System Monitor.

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