Magic Battery

The app Magic Battery shows the battery level of supported input devices and headphones that are connected via Bluetooth in the menu bar. Internal batteries are also supported.

Apple Input Devices

Magic Battery supports all Apple Bluetooth input peripherals. This means that all Apple Magic Mice, Magic Keyboards and TrackPads are supported.

Logitech Peripherals

Logitech Peripherals that support Bluetooth Low Energy are also supported. This includes the MX3 Anywhere and the Logitech Pebble.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Use the built-in Bluetooth Low Energy browser to connect to all kinds of different devices that support the BLE profile. A good example for this kind of device would be the Logitech MX peripheral range.

Different Display Modes

You can choose between three different display modes. You can either show the icon and the percentage or use rounded, colored bars that will be shown in the menu bar of macOS.

Battery Information

You can check the battery parameters of the internal battery on the battery page. This page shows detailed information about the internal battery. If you are using a Mac without battery, this page is hidden.


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Monitor the Battery Levels of Your Bluetooth Devices

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