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System Monitor Panel

The System Monitor Panel is the best way to monitor your system. The app features a customizable window that shows processor, network, memory and disk loads.

Customizable Window

The window always stays on top of other windows. You can choose where the window is shown (select the corner or move the window freely).


The app comes with various textual or graphical widgets that display processor, network, disk, graphics card or disk based information.

Simple And Fast

The app only stays in your menu bar, no need to start any additional program.

Color Themes

The comes with many predefined themes. Select the theme that best fits the current game or application underneath the System Monitor Panel.

Multiple Configurations

Create multiple configurations. Each configuration has its own settings like the monitor where the window is shown, the widgets or the color theme.

Sensor Information

The app displays hardware sensor information for both Intel based devices and Apple Silicon like the M1 processor.


Click on the screenshot to enlarge it. To see additional screenshots, open the App Store page.

Monitor your system with configurable widgets.

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