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Scrobbles for ist ein Scrobbler für macOS. Es werden deine mit Apple Music abgespielten Lieder auf dein Konto übertragen.

App Funktionen

Nachfolgend werden dir einige der App Funktionen aufgelistet.

Apple Music Scrobbling

Scrobble your currently playing track to Tracks that were played in the past, are not scrobbled. Scrobbles for has to be active while the track is playing in Apple Music in order to send the data to

Menu Bar Extras

You can show the currently playing track and scrobbling statistics in the configurable menu bar extra! This feature can be disabled in the preferences (when disabled, only an icon is displayed in the menu bar).

macOS Widgets

The app comes with four different macOS Widgets.

Mini Player

You can use the Mini Player to control the playback of Apple Music.


Select a time interval and see your favorite albums, artists and tracks!

Data Import

Once the app is started, all data since the last app start is imported automatically so the database is always up to date.

The data import can also be started manually.

Data Import

Every single track that is scrobbled is stored in a local database. This database is then used to create a personal listening report.

You can see weekly, monthly and yearly listening reports.

Modern Design

The app comes in a very lightweight and modern design.


Klicke auf den Screenshot, um ihn zu vergrößern. Um weitere Screenshots zu sehen, kannst du den App Store öffnen.

Übertrage deine abgespielten Lieder auf


Diese App ist mit den folgenden Versionen von macOS kompatibel:

macOS 11.0 Big Sur

macOS Big Sur

macOS 12.0 Monterey

macOS Monterey

Das sagen die Nutzer

Best macOS Scrobbler out there!
Solid app. Super Responsive Developer. I had a crash problem with one of the updates, and the Developer fixed it the same day!! Best Scrobble app I've used and I've tried 4-5 since joining in 2006. Support this Developer!
Hazim S.
Upgraded to Pro
After upgrading to Big Sir, I realized that the official app wasn't working. Luckily I found Scrobbles for The most delightful part is that within the last few months, I've witnessed the developer constantly improving the app: from the user experience to ironing out bugs. Affable that someone did the work that I would have expected from the team
Best scrobbling app on macOS
One of the best scrobblers. It's clean, native, light and the support it's amazing. Seriously people, just let the developer know what's going on or he would not be able to help you.

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