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Simple Whiteboards

Simple Whiteboards is an app that lets you take notes with your Apple Pencil. Its main characteristic is simplicity and ease of use.

App Features

Below you will see some of the key features of the app.

Infinite Scrolling

The whiteboards in the app supports infinite scrolling so you can create very large whiteboards.


You can enlarge or shrink the whiteboard.

Unlimited Whiteboards

You can create as many whiteboards as you like.


You can choose between many different tools like pencils or text markers.


You can choose between different colors for the pencil or marker.

Double Tap

The app will execute the desired action based on your preferred Apple Pencil double tap setting.

Dark Mode

The app supports the dark mode of iOS.

What People Are Saying

Beste Whiteboard App
Im App Store gibt es aktuell keine Whiteboard App, die einfacher zu bedienen ist. Ich nutze sie mehrfach täglich und liebe sie!
Great app!
The app is absolutely great for taking notes!
Einfach und kostenlos
Super App für Notizen und einfache Zeichnungen.

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