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Sprynt - Simple Bike Ride Tracker

Sprynt turns your smartphone into a simple bike computer. Record your bike rides and save them in a file.

App Features

Below you will see some of the key features of the app.

Record Bike Rides

Record your bike rides with Sprynt. You can select up to twelve data fields that will be shown during your bike ride. You can select from many categories like distance, elevation, heart rate or speed.

Dark Mode

Sudden weather changes, sunrise or sunset? No problem, because Macca supports both iOS themes for maximum readability. Simply change the theme while riding your bike and Macca adapts immediately.


Sprynt was designed to be very easy to use. Simply start the app, tap on Record and you're all set.

Interactive Map

You can open an interactive map during your bike ride. You can select out of four different map styles.

Bluetooth Sensors

Connect your Bluetooth sensors to Sprynt to record more parameters. You can connect power meters, heart rate sensors and cadence sensors to Sprynt.

What People Are Saying

Chris MX5
Support ist toll!
Funktioniert super und der Support ist absolut fantastisch!
Starke App
Endlich ein Tracker ohne Schnick-Schnack und überteuertes Abo-Modell! Der Entwickler scheint selber Biker zu sein! Dass dieser Tag nochmal kommt! Vielen Dank!
Einfach und kostenlos
Die App beschränkt sich auf das nötigste, funktioniert und ist dazu noch kostenlos. Was will man mehr?

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