Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains questions that are frequently asked. This list will be updated regularly.

If your question is not listed here, please contact the support directly.

The Monitoring Helper extends the functionality of certain apps. This download is optional, the app works without the Helper addon.

Most of my apps integrate into the menubar of macOS. The main window is not visible once the app is started and has to be opened manually.

So please check if you see the menubar item of the app and click on it. The menu will contain an item to open the main window of the app.

The menubar has only limited space. If you have a large amount of apps that integrate into the menubar, macOS may hide some items.

If you can not see a specific menubar item, it is probably hidden. You can close some other apps to see if the item starts to appear. If you still can not see the item, you should contact the support.

If the app crashed, you should contact the support. In order to understand why the app has crashed, I need as much information as possible.

Here are a couple of questions that can help me narrow down the problem:

Is the error reproducible? Did it happen only once or did the app crash several times?

Which version of the app is installed on your computer?

Which version of macOS are you using?

Which computer are you using? MacBook, iMac or Mac mini?

Do you have a crash report file? You can check the crash reports by opening the Console app of macOS.