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Clickfully allows you to add many actions to the context menu of Finder. You can choose which actions should be shown in the context menu.

App Features

Below you will see some of the key features of the app.

Customizable Finder Actions

Choose between a wide variety of actions that can be added to the context menu.

Open Terminal Here

Quickly open a Terminal window at the current location.

Create Text File

Create a new text file at the current location. The file can be opened for editing with another action.

New Calendar Event

Create a new calendar event with a single click.

New Email

A single click will open you r default email program and start writing a new email.

Open macOS Apps

You can open the macOS System preferences or the Privacy settings with a single click.


Click on the screenshot to enlarge it. To see additional screenshots, open the App Store page.



This app is compatible with the following version of macOS:

macOS 11.0 Big Sur

macOS Big Sur

macOS 12.0 Monterey

macOS Monterey

What People Are Saying

Unverzichtbare App!
Gutes Programm, das einige nützliche Aktionen zum Kontextmenü des Finders hinzufügt.
Nützlich und vielseitig
Kostenlose App, die nützliche Aktionen im Finder zur Verfügung stellt. Ich kann die App sehr empfehlen!
Easy to use
Small app that will add a customizable list of action to the Finder menu of macOS. The free app offers many useful actions. I highly recommend this app.

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