Disk Master

Disk Master is a powerful tool that helps you keep track of all connected drives. Quickly eject the volumes with a single click and see detailed performance statistics.


Disk Master is a powerful app for macOS that helps you keep track of your connected drives. You can show individual drives in the menu bar, show statistics and clean your drives.

What You Get

Menu Bar Widget

Disk Master will show information about the disk in the menu bar.

Customisable Menu Bar View

You can choose from a wide variety of display styles with icons, texts or bars.

System Cleaner

The Disk Master Cleaning Engine will find unused files on your hard disk. Use this feature to reclaim disk space.


Disk Master is optimised for the latest version of macOS. The app does not consume much processing power or system memory.

Quick Actions

Assign quick actions to disks that will be performed when clicking the menu bar item. Eject disks or open the Finder.

Performance Overview

The app will show disk read and write speeds and a history graph for every single drive.

Different Window Styles

You can either open a small popover or a larger main window when opening the app.


Auto Start

The app can start automatically after you have logged into macOS.

Supports All Formats

The app supports all kinds of external and internal drives like SSD, HDD, SD Cards and USB Sticks.

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