System Toolkit

The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS.


What You Get

Menu Bar Widget

System Toolkit will show system information in the menu bar. 

Customisable Menu Bar View

You can choose from a wide variety of display styles with icons, texts or bars.

System Cleaner

The System Toolkit Cleaning Engine will find unused files on your hard disk. Use this feature to reclaim disk space.


System Toolkit is optimised for the latest version of macOS. The app does not consume much processing power or system memory.

Privacy Cleaner

System Toolkit can delete the browsing history and saved passwords from Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

System Overview

The app will show processor, memory and network usage. The app also tracks your network traffic.

Memory Cleaner

In addition to the Disk Cleaner, you can also reclaim RAM with only one click.

One Click Maintenance

Delete unused files and clear your browsing history with a single mouse click!

Duplicate and Large Files Finder

Find duplicate and large files on your hard disk to free up additional disk space.

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