Macca is an app that will transform your iPhone into an advanced bike computer. You can track your bike rides or import existing ones.

The app also offers professional analysis tools and detailed
fitness statistics.

Track Bike Rides

Use Macca to track your bike rides. It is also possible to quickly import your existing bike rides.

Analyze Your Rides

Open the details page for an activity to see many details about your bike ride. This includes minimum and maximum values and graphs.

Fitness Tracking

Track your fitness, form and fatigue over a specified period of time.

Unlock Achievements

Unlock more than 200 Achievements and Badges in various categories.


Macca tracks many statistics in different categories like distance, elevation and time.

Activity Overview

Use the training log to see all the bike rides of an entire year.

3D Model

Create an interactive three dimensional model. Segments are coloured by average grade.

Strava Integration

Import activities from your Strava profile. After recording an activity, you can export it to your Strava profile.

Goals And Challenges

Create custom goals or participate in online challenges.


Identify your favorite locations by creating a heatmap.


Critical Power Curve

Create a critical power curve for activities and and a specified period of time.

Bluetooth Support

Connect your powermeter, heart rate sensor or cadence sensor via Bluetooth.


You can download the app for free on the Apple App Store.