Magic Battery

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Bluetooth Browser allows you to search for and connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy devices implement a battery service that will send the current battery level to the connected device.

Magic Battery will display this information in the app.

Why is the battery information not shown by default?

The battery level is only shown for connected devices. Magic Battery does not connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices automatically (unless you want it to).

To display the battery level for the device, simply click on the corresponding cell.

Why does the device disappear after I have clicked on it?

When clicking on a device, Magic Battery will connect to the device. After a connection has been established, a list of available services is sent to Magic Battery.

If the device does not implement the battery service, Magic Battery will disconnect from the device and set the device on an internal blacklist.

This is why Magic Battery does not display this device and it may disappear after clicking on it.